Lemon water and heartburn

When stomach acid rises into your esophagus, acid reflux occurs. The esophagus lining may become inflamed and irritated as a result of this.

You can have a burning sensation in your chest or neck at this point. Heartburn is the name for this.

Anyone who has ever had heartburn is aware that some foods might aggravate your symptoms. that hot Mexican meal you had the other night? It might cost you afterward. Was that pasta sauce mixed with a raw garlic glove? It’s time to take a Tums.

There are conflicting reports regarding the effectiveness of lemon in treating symptoms. According to some specialists, citrus fruits like lemon and orange aggravate acid reflux symptoms.

Some people extol the virtues of “home cures” that involve lemon water. They assert that it can lessen symptoms of heartburn. Who then has the correct response to this?

It turns out that both claims include some elements of truth.

Lemon has a lot of positive health effects that can be obtained by eating it. For instance, one study discovered that lemon components assisted mice in eliminating and maintaining their fat cells.

Weight gain and obesity can both aggravate acid reflux symptoms. Lemon may lessen acid reflux symptoms if it can assist people in losing weight.

Lemon is associated with decreasing blood pressure, particularly in persons at high risk for high blood pressure and cholesterol, according to a 2014 study.

Vitamin C, commonly known as ascorbic acid, is abundant in lemons. It serves as a strong antioxidant and guards your body against any acid reflux-related cell damage.

There is proof that ascorbic acid-rich foods, like lemon juice, can help shield the stomach against certain malignancies and other harm. These results were particularly relevant to those with peptic ulcers.

Lemon water may be advantageous for you if your acid reflux is brought on by low stomach acid due to its potential alkalizing properties.


How to treat acid reflux with lemon water?

Despite how acidic lemon juice is, it can have an alkalizing effect when consumed in little amounts when combined with water. This can assist in balancing the stomach acid. One tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice should be combined with eight ounces of water if you choose to use this home treatment. Then, to help prevent symptoms that can be brought on by food, consume it about 20 minutes prior to a meal.

If at all possible, use a straw to sip this concoction. By doing this, you can avoid having the juice’s acid come into contact with your teeth and erode their enamel. Additionally, due to its acidity, lemon juice should never be consumed straight. To be effective, it must be diluted with water.


Additional therapies for acid reflux

You may be able to control mild or severe acid reflux using over-the-counter (OTC) or prescription drugs.

Rare cases of heartburn can be treated with antacids like Tums. For persistent acid reflux, stronger drugs such as H2 blockers and proton pump inhibitors are preferable. They come in various strengths and can offer relief for a protracted period of time. Any drug carries hazards, so consult your doctor before starting any regular routine. Your doctor may advise surgery to tighten the esophageal sphincter in cases of severe acid reflux.


What you can do right now

Lemon water might help you feel better despite the paucity of existing data. If you decide to use this home cure, keep the following in mind:

  • thoroughly mix water and lemon juice.
  • Don’t add more lemon juice than one tablespoon.
  • using a straw, consume the concoction.

You can think about starting out with less alcohol to see what kind of effects it might have. You might want to attempt the whole dose if your symptoms don’t worsen.

Consult your doctor if your symptoms don’t go away. They can assist in creating the ideal treatment strategy for you.


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