You’re likely to notice some excess skin folds and tissue, or what some people refer to as armpit fat if you take a quick stroll in an area where individuals are exposing their arms.

Extra body fat can be found under the arms and on the chest in people of all ages, weights, and sizes.

Additionally, tight clothing can cause the skin on the chest to protrude, creating the illusion of armpit fat.

Armpit fat, regardless of its cause, is totally natural.

Continue reading to find out what causes underarm fat and what you can do to lessen it if it bothers you.



✅ Adults frequently have underarm fat.

It is frequently brought on by being overweight, although hormones and heredity may also be to blame.

In certain cases, the condition known as axillary breast may actually be armpit fat.

Breast tissue that develops in or around the armpit is called an axillary breast.

✅ If extra breast tissue is interfering with your life, consult a doctor.


What produces fat in the armpits?

People of either gender can develop armpit fat. It seems to affect women more frequently than males. The skin between the breasts and armpits may protrude if a top or bra is excessively tight. But armpit fat has several factors in addition to wardrobe preferences. Just a few of the most typical reasons are listed here.



Studies have proved that Heredity and genetic factors have a key role in determining the distribution of body fat.

Numerous genetic variables may affect where you store fat, according to research from Trusted Source. This study also discovered that heredity has a greater influence on fat distribution and accumulation in vulvar individuals than in penile individuals.

You may be more likely to develop armpit fat if you have family members who do.



Fatty deposits may form in or under your armpits if you are overweight. Where extra fat is stored is largely determined by heredity.

Subcutaneous fat may accumulate beneath the skin of your underarms if you are overweight. Your breasts and armpit region may become larger as a result of weight increase.

Armpit fat can be decreased by losing weight by exercising and consuming a healthy diet. Research has shown that some specific body parts are difficult to target or spot-reduce.



The hormonal changes brought on by puberty, as well as those brought on by pregnancy, menstruation, and menopause, are particularly sensitive to breast tissue.

Breast swelling can result from changes in the production of progesterone and estrogen. Prolactin, another hormone produced during pregnancy, causes the breasts to expand as they prepare to produce milk.

These hormonal alterations might accentuate the appearance of extra skin or fat in the region between the breast and the underarm.


Anatomical breast tissue

It’s possible for extra breast tissue to pass for armpit fat. The axillary breast also referred to as the supplementary breast, is this condition. The growth of breast tissue outside of the typical breast region results in axillary breasts. It frequently happens in the axilla or armpit. It is uncommon to have axillary breasts.

Data suggests that between 2 and 6 percent of women and 1 to 3 percent of males have this congenital disease.

Axillary breast tissue reacts to hormonal changes as all other breast tissue does. During pregnancy or the week before menstruation, progesterone and estrogen levels may change, causing armpit fat to appear bigger or lumpier.


Lymphedema (swollen lymph nodes) (swollen lymph nodes)

All over the body, there are glands called lymph nodes. The axillary lymph nodes, which are glands located in the armpits, expand when you have lymphedema. Along with injuries to the hand or arm, infections can also result in swollen lymph nodes. Other probable causes include lymphoma and breast cancer.



Even while armpit fat may not be the direct reason, poor posture might accentuate it. Standing up straight will help minimize the appearance of additional armpit skin if you have a forward-rolling shoulder posture.


How can you get rid of underarm fat?

The following techniques will help you eliminate or lessen the appearance of armpit fat:

Lose weight to help reduce fat deposits all throughout your body, including under your arms.

Increase the size of your upper arms and chest wall muscles. Exercise, including resistance or weight training done specifically for that aim, can make armpit fat resistive. Increasing the size of your chest muscles and tightening your upper arms can assist to reduce the appearance of armpit fat. Additionally, gaining muscle burns calories, aiding in weight loss.

Dress in appropriate underwear. Armpit fat can appear less prominent with a new bra. Many people use tight undergarments without realizing it, which can cause the skin and fat on the sides of your breast to rise.

Inquire with your doctor about surgical excision. Your doctor might advise liposuction to get rid of axillary breast tissue if it’s affecting your quality of life.

Liposuction is a popular procedure in plastic surgery that eliminates soft fatty tissue from certain body parts. If there is a large amount of axillary breast tissue, open excision may be advised.


When should I visit a physician?

The majority of the time, armpit fat is not a sign of any underlying health issues and is not a cause for alarm.

Consult a doctor if you observe anything unusual in your armpits, such as swelling or a lump. If your arm’s range of motion is restricted or diminished, you should also visit a doctor. It’s possible that there’s too much axillary breast tissue in some cases.

Do not hesitate to seek medical help if you are self-conscious about your appearance and wish to discuss your alternatives for getting armpit fat removed.



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