The Sculptra butt lift is a cosmetic technique that promises to improve the curvature and contour of your buttocks without the need for surgery or carrying a high risk of consequences.

Sculptra butt lift involves an injection of the dermal filler Sculptra to promote the creation of collagen in the deeper layers of your skin.

Safety: There is a slight chance of infection, but there isn’t a significant risk of scarring from this operation. Like other dermal fillers, the Sculptra butt lift is less dangerous than surgical options.

Convenience: In your doctor’s office, a Sculptra butt lift can be completed fast. The most crucial step in this procedure is locating a qualified, licensed practitioner who can provide you with this treatment.

Price: Prices change depending on how much volume you want to add when butt-lifting. The price could range from $4,000 to $7,000.

Efficacy: This procedure’s outcomes are influenced by a variety of variables, including the quantity of experience your practitioner has. According to anecdotal evidence, many people are pleased with this procedure and claim it’s a low-risk technique to achieve noticeably rounder and more pert buttocks.


What is that?

Your butt will lose some of its natural pertness and plumpness as a result of weight reduction, aging, and pregnancy.

If you’ve observed this and are worried about it, you might be thinking about getting a Sculptra butt lift. This non-surgical, low-risk procedure can improve the curvature and form of your butt because it is less intrusive.

Because Sculptra is a type of dermal filler, you must be in good enough health to have dermal fillers in order to receive this procedure. You might be a candidate for a Sculptra butt lift if you don’t smoke, are in good physical health, and have reasonable expectations for the procedure’s outcomes.


How does Sculptra butt-lifting work?

Sculptra’s butt-lift procedure functions differently from conventional dermal fillers. With Sculptra, a substance known as poly-L-lactic acid is injected into your dermal layers rather than simply creating volume as hyaluronic acid compounds would. This chemical helps your body’s natural collagen manufacturing process get going.

Sculptra injections fill out the area beneath your butt with a curved form that looks natural and complements your body type because collagen is the protein that gives your skin its structure and contour.

Collagen formation requires several weeks to months. This means that in order to notice an improvement in volume and shape, you’ll probably need several injections.

The FDA has not yet approved Sculptra dermal filler for use on any part of your body besides your face. Since using Sculptra for your butt is regarded as an off-label application, there isn’t much clinical evidence regarding the expected outcomes. According to anecdotal evidence, many patients who receive this treatment are happy with their outcomes.


The Sculptra butt-lift procedure

You’ll be given a paper gown to wear and given instructions on how to put it on when you show up for your appointment.

Your healthcare professional will then advise you to lie comfortably on your stomach. To sanitize it and lower the chance of infection, your doctor or a helper will swab the injection site with alcohol.

You may choose to have anesthetic given topically to your butt to lessen any discomfort you experience during the injection, based on your preferences and your doctor’s recommendation.

Your doctor will utilize sterile equipment to provide Sculptra to your buttocks during a brief injection procedure.


What are the risks and possible side effects?

This technique carries various dangers and negative effects. Dermal fillers seldom cause severe consequences or negative effects. Following a Sculptra butt lift, you might observe:

  • Redness or bruising
  • Asymmetrical outcomes
  • lumps or bumps that might disappear with time
  • hemorrhage at the location of the injection
  • transient pimples at the injection site
  • a rash or itch

After receiving a Sculptra injection, some people have bruising at the injection site or nodules under their skin. A 2015 study found that 7 to 9% of persons may develop nodules.

Dermal fillers may occasionally result in infection. If you see any of the following, get in touch with your provider and get emergency medical help:

  • a green or yellow discharge at the injection site.
  • a high temperature
  • fatigue
  • nausea
  • dizziness

What to anticipate following a Sculptra butt-lift

A butt-lift with Sculptra requires little recovery time. Your healthcare practitioner will offer you instructions, and it’s possible that they’ll advise you to refrain from alcohol consumption and vigorous activity for a day or two after the injection.

Your Sculptra butt lift won’t provide results immediately away. The injection works to gradually increase your body’s collagen production, so it may take 4 to 6 months before you see effects.

This butt lift’s effects are temporary. After a procedure, Sculptra disintegrates and is absorbed by your body for two years. You might be given a bandage covering the injection site after the procedure is finished. After that, you’re free to get dressed as usual and go ahead and drive.


Sculptra butt lift preparation

Your doctor will offer you preparation guidelines before your Sculptra butt lift appointment. Pay close attention to these directions. You might receive the following instructions:

  • Quit smoking
  • 2 weeks before your appointment, refrain from taking herbal supplements and blood-thinning drugs.
  • Don’t drink alcoholic beverages 48 hours before your visit.

Prior to your consultation, be sure to tell the doctor about your medical history, including any previous ailments and any drugs you are taking.


What can I expect to pay for a Sculptra butt lift?

Buttlifts using Sculptra are regarded as optional cosmetic surgery. This means that you will be responsible for covering the entire cost of the therapy out of your own pocket as your insurance policy won’t cover it.

Two key factors affect how much a Sculptra butt lift will cost. The first factor is the provider’s level of experience. Your safety depends on choosing a qualified, authorized provider. The cost of the treatment is likely to increase with your provider’s level of experience.

How much volume you want to add to your butt is the second factor. The expense of buying Sculptra by the vial, like other dermal filler components like Botox, is passed on to you, the customer.

According to data from 2018, Sculptra costs $915 per vial on average. Four vials of Sculptra will be required for a small butt lift. You’ll need more of the chemical if you want to see more dramatic benefits. The average cost of this treatment is therefore between $4,000 and $7,000.

Although Sculptra doesn’t require anesthesia, some healthcare professionals might advise using a local anesthetic like lidocaine to make the injections more bearable.

There are no hospital fees involved because this treatment can be done in your provider’s office. Sculptra butt lifts are commonly referred to as “lunch break butt lifts” because the appointments are brief and recovery time is not required.


Surgical butt-lift versus Sculptra butt-lift

Sculptra butt lift is far less risky than Brazilian butt lift and butt implants, two additional types of buttock augmentation. A Sculptra butt lift might produce less dramatic, transient results. However, a Sculptra butt-lift is more affordable and safer.

A few months after your initial Sculptra butt lift treatment, you can have more filler injected if you’re not satisfied with the outcome. The treatment will wear off after two years if you feel the results don’t appear natural or aren’t what you had in mind.

You can get long-lasting benefits from alternative buttock augmentation procedures.

Finding a provider

Make contact with a qualified and licensed practitioner if you’re thinking about getting a Sculptra butt lift to go over your possibilities and expectations.

Use the database search tool provided by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons to locate a plastic surgeon nearby.



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