Managing underarm perspiration can be difficult.

You’ve undoubtedly thought of asking this question at some point.

Does shaving your armpits make you sweat less?

In a technical sense, the answer is no because shaving your armpits won’t actually reduce your sweating.

This is why. The reason(s) you’re perspiring has/have nothing to do with your underarm hair.

Sweating happens when your internal body temperature rises too much, as well as when you’re upset, anxious, or tense.

Just so happens, your sweat glands are under your armpits.

However, shaving or maintaining short armpit hair might increase the effectiveness of your antiperspirant, lowering underarm sweat and the visibility of sweat stains.

In conclusion, shaving your armpits can help you sweat less as long as you pair it with another underarm sweat-reduction strategy, such as a sweat-resistant Thompson Tee or your preferred antiperspirant.


How to Reduce Sweat and Stains in Your Armpits by Shaving

For two reasons, the long, fluffy tufts of hair under your armpits make sweat stains look worse. When you have hair, you age more quickly because it gathers and holds moisture better than your bare skin. Additionally, underarm hair prevents antiperspirants from accessing the skin’s surface, preventing sweat from escaping from your pores.

Even when wearing an antiperspirant and an undershirt, you may still experience large wet armpit stains if you have armpit hair and sweat more than the normal person. Your clothes might dry a little bit longer if you shave or trim your hair. You may experience less odor with shaved armpits.

 How to Properly Shave Your Armpits

Contrary to popular perception, hair that has been shaved does not regrow thicker. The process of shaving has little impact on the color, coarseness, or rate of growth. Although the hair itself hasn’t altered, it could feel coarser since shaving gives the hair a straight, blunt edge (what you generally think of as stubble).

It can be a little frightening to shave your armpits for the first time. But don’t worry, we swear it’s simpler than shaving your face. Follow these instructions to shave your armpits and lessen the visibility of sweat stains on your shirts:

Shower in warm water and rinse your armpits

Rinse your pits with warm water before shaving them, preferably in the shower. Your hair follicles become softer as a result of the heat and moisture, making nicks and tugging less likely.

Exfoliate when you wash

When the hair in your armpits is completely saturated, wash them as usual with soap. Exfoliate next. Dead skin must be removed, and the surface of your armpit should be as smooth as possible. Accidental nicks are prevented by a softer surface.

Exactly how do you exfoliate? use a body wash. Try the Olivina Men Exfoliating All-In-One Scrub; it’s highly advised. Scrub away with a loofah or sponge after squeezing some on there.

Use cream or gel when you shave

For your armpits, you can also use face shaving cream or gel. Apply a thin layer to your armpit using a quantity the size of a nickel squeezed onto your fingertips.

The shaving gel facilitates the razor’s effortless passage over your armpit. Your armpit hair is also moisturized, which makes it simpler to trim. If you’ve never shaved your armpits before, don’t skip this step or opt for soap instead of shaving cream; conditioning your hair will make it less coarse when you shave it.

Use a new or sharp razor

It’s time to start shaving after applying shaving cream. Although you should definitely use a different razor than the one you use on your face, we nonetheless suggest purchasing one of comparable quality. The ideal razor has a flexible, detachable head and several blades. Since you’ll be shaving longer, coarser hair with it than you would with your face, the razor head won’t likely last as long.

Raise your arm and place your hand on the nape of your neck to shave your armpit. This produces a smooth shaving surface. Next, gently run the razor from top to bottom across your armpit. Apply the same pressure you would when touching your face. Shave from bottom to top and side to side once you’ve removed the majority of the hair from top to bottom. Armpit hair grows in different directions, unlike facial hair. Shave continuously until all the hair is gone.

Apply aftershave cream or products

Before using any antiperspirant or deodorant, thoroughly dry both armpits after shaving off all the hair. Wait a few minutes before applying creams after shaving because doing so irritates. Prior to applying antiperspirant, ensure sure the pit is fully dry. If your armpits are damp, an antiperspirant may not be able to penetrate your glands and stop sweating.


Alternatives to Armpit Shaving

Not sure if you want to shave your underarms? There are further options.

Trim your hair under your armpits

Try cutting your armpit hair if you don’t want to completely shave it. Trim your underarm hair with an electric hair clipper. Shaving takes longer, is less comfortable, and needs more maintenance. If you have straight underarm hair, trim it to a length of no more than an inch. This length will be just long enough to be comfortable yet short enough to minimize sweat stains. Comb guard numbers one through eight are available.

Using the number 1 comb guard, trim the hair on your armpits that is curly to a length of 1/8 of an inch. The hair will be cut enough to prevent perspiration stains while still being long enough to avoid itching or poking.

Ware sweat-proof clothes and use antiperspirants

Try this combination instead of trimming or shaving: your #1 antiperspirant and a sweat-resistant undershirt like the Thompson Tee. Available in both men’s and women’s fashions, Thompson Tees include built-in sweat shields that promise that perspiration won’t stain your shirt all day long or your money back.

Apply antiperspirant in the evening before going to bed (make sure your pits are clean and dry) for the best benefits, and then put on your Thompson Tee when you get dressed the following morning. The outcome? No pit stains and less underarm perspiration!



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