Selenite is thought to have potent medicinal properties in various cultures that date back many years.

One of the most crucial crystals in the arsenal of an energy worker, according to some, is selenite.

Selenite is thought to contain strong energy that can defend you and enhance your well-being, as well as the ability to purge negative energies from your environment.



✅ According to legend, selenite is a potent healing gem that fosters tranquility, mental clarity, and overall well-being.

✅ Some people also think that this crystal can assist you to connect to higher realms and remove bad energy.

✅The metaphysical or therapeutic powers of crystals are not supported by any research.

✅ However, wearing them as jewelry or employing them in rituals and meditation techniques may have some subjective advantages for you.

✅ Selenite is a popular crystal that many people swear by, so there’s no harm in trying it.


Selenite has spiritual and therapeutic benefits.

Gypsum that has crystalized into selenite most frequently appears as a translucent, multifaceted stone. It has a Mohs hardness of 2 and is created when sulfate- and calcium-rich salt water evaporates.

Though there is no scientific proof, many individuals think selenite is a strong healer with many advantages. Selenium, a trace element that is present in selenite, is known to have a number of health advantages. Chemical elements that are present in living things in extremely minute amounts are known as trace elements.

The following are a few of the primary selenite crystal’s alleged health advantages:

It effectively purifies the environment, vibrates at a very high frequency, encourages connection and camaraderie, strengthens the powers of manifestation, and fosters tranquility, clarity, unblocks blocked energy, lifts the soul.

Favors tranquility

Crystal healer Samantha Jayne claims that selenite is a crystal with extremely delicate vibrations. It is “one of the most powerful crystals in the cosmos” because to this high frequency. According to Jayne, selenite has a tranquil and peaceful vibe. This makes it a perfect crystal for any circumstance requiring the restoration of serenity.

Removes obstructed energy

Charlotte Grace, a crystal healer claims that because selenite vibrates at such a high frequency, it has tremendous healing properties. Selenite is good for releasing heavy, obstructed energy, according to Grace. She claims that this enables energy to move with a high vibration, lifting the spirit. Grace advises utilizing selenite to purify your energy, your home, your possessions, and other crystals.


Offers clarity

Some people think selenite might improve mental sharpness and unlock your intuition. Jayne concurs.

According to her, it has the power to “quiet the mind, bring the soul to peace, and bring clarity to those who need it” (from a healing perspective).

Brings more optimism

Selenite is thought to be able to boost good energy.

Grace claims that selenites can be used to revitalize people, places, and crystals.

It’s vital to remember that these selenite benefits are only supported by anecdotal evidence.


History of Selenite

Selenite has a long, storied history and is associated with Greek mythology. It is referred to as Selene, the Greek Moon Goddess, and gets its name from the Greek term for “moonstone.”

However, selenite is not connected to the moonstone crystal.

According to Jayne, selenite “carries the mark of all that has occurred on this earth.” It is also thought to have served as a deterrent for evil spirits in hospitals. If someone was unwell, priests would grind it into a paste to paint on a home’s doors.


Additional names for selenite

Other names for selenite include butterfly selenite, golden phantom (a yellow-hued variant), desert rose, gypsum flower, satin spar, and disodium selenite.


Different types of selenite

Selenite comes in a wide range of forms and hues. And it’s thought that each one has somewhat different qualities and applications.


  • Hourglass: helps release harmful patterns and is useful for grounding and raising awareness.
  • Wand: utilized to shift blocked energy, purify the aura, and inspire


  • Tower: builds a shield of protection, increases energy, and banishes evil


Grace maintains a selenite wand by the entrance to purify the space when she enters. She also advocates boosting the energy of other gems using selenite.

If you place a selenite tower close to other crystals, you may anticipate a significant rise in energy, she explains.


Selenite often comes in white, but it also comes in gold, peach, and rose tones. Some have distinctive names assigned to them.

  • White: utilized for purification, communication, and clearing realms
  • Peach: relates to the sacral chakra, supports emotional equilibrium, and raises consciousness.
  • Golden: lifts awareness and connects to outside forces.
  • Rose links to the third eye chakra, intuition, and manifestation while altering mental and emotional programming.

Charging your selenite

When working with crystal energy, cleansing is a crucial step. All crystals, according to Grace, absorb bad energy. Grace disagrees with others who think selenite doesn’t need to be cleaned. Despite its high frequency, she asserts that cleansing is still important for selenite.

Your selenite must be activated as the last step. Grace proposes the following actions:

  1. While holding the selenite in your hand, visualize a white light encircling it.
  2. Deeply inhale and exhale.
  3. Say aloud or silently an affirmation regarding the outcome you want.
  4. Use your selenite as needed after that.

According to Grace, examples of affirmations are “I am linked” and “My energy is high vibration and traveling freely.”


Uses for selenite

Selenite can be used in a variety of ways, including meditation while holding it, wearing it, placing it over the chakras, and purifying other crystals.

In my healing clinic, I use selenite as a protective layer in my job as an angelic healer and entity clearing, according to Jayne. As they bring tranquility into the home, I have placed [selenite] on my shrines in both my healing clinic and my residence.

Each night, Grace charges her crystal jewelry in a selenite bowl. She continues, “It can also be used around your home to restore energy and eliminate any harmful buildup.”


Lenitized quartz and chakras

According to popular belief, your body’s chakras are energy centers related to psycho-emotional processes. Some people think crystals can affect these energy centers and clear obstructions.

Selenite, according to Grace, is related to the crown chakra, which deals with greater consciousness and manifestation. According to Jayne, selenite can facilitate communication with the angelic realm and the spirit world. She recommends placing them at the chakras of the third eye, the crown, and the soul star, which is thought to be a chakra outside of the body.

Jayne also suggests selenite as a method for reducing anxiety. She occasionally places it there to accomplish this. If the chakra is spinning out of control, it slows down and brings a calming vibe, according to the expert.


Moral sourcing

It’s crucial to do your homework and purchase from a reputable source no matter how you decide to use selenite—or any other crystal, for that matter. Jayne advises independent vendors to stay away from fakes. She also advises following your instincts. Always give in to any instinctive pull towards the seller and the gem. Let your soul lead you to the gem it requires at this precise moment, she advises. Grace advises tracing the origin of your gemstone. Check if their storefront or website has a sustainable and ethical code of conduct established. Ask if you’re unsure, she advises.


Cleaning Selenite

The word “selenite” is derived from the Greek word for the moon. Selenite is a type of gypsum that is sometimes referred to as moonstone. Although the stones are typically transparent to translucent, they can have minor color nuances. Other than Africa and Antarctica, selenite has been discovered on every continent. According to the website Mineral Data, it is mostly found in Europe and the United States. Samples of selenite must be cleaned, which calls for some basic tools and knowledge of the mineral.

Step 1: Use warm water to wash the mineral specimen. Though not all substances may be removed with water, start with the most straightforward fixes.

Step 2:  Use a gentle brush to clean the selenite. The use of metal wire brushes is not advised since the metal is more abrasive than selenite and will scratch the specimen. Some surface dirt or oils that have collected on the selenite during handling may be removed using a toothbrush, warm water, and light soap.

Step 3: Pry any bulkier surface objects loose. To try to pry foreign objects from the selenite, use a wedge-shaped piece of wood or bamboo. Since bamboo and wood are softer than selenite, they will not scratch the sample.




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