People are still looking for noninvasive techniques to modify their bodies.

These treatments differ from invasive surgeries in that they need less recovery time and have fewer risks and side effects.

The vacuum therapy butt lift is one such contouring method.

Vacuum therapy, as opposed to the conventional Brazilian butt lift, claims to help tone and tighten your posterior without the need for incisions and fat grafting.

Vacuum therapy doesn’t have as many noticeable effects on buttock contouring, despite the fact that the absence of downtime and scarring is far more desirable.

This article will educate you on vacuum therapy so that you may talk about your options with a board-certified clinician if you’re not sure if it’s the correct treatment for you. Read on.



Vacuum therapy’s efficacy is still up for debate, despite the possibility that the operation can lift and tone the buttocks without any negative side effects.

Make sure you are aware of all the expenses and time required if you do decide to try this treatment. 

To get the best results, you’ll need a few of treatments spaced out over a few weeks. Keep in mind that the effects are temporary.

Think about discussing all your options with a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon who has received board certification.

They may recommend a completely different course of treatment depending on your circumstances and overall objectives.


Vacuum therapy: what is it?

Vacuum therapy is a non-invasive massage method that uses a mechanical instrument with suction cups to elevate your skin.

Although it first appeared on the market in the 1970s to assist treat burn scars, this procedure has since developed into a nonsurgical butt lift technique. Studies have also examined the therapy as a means of treating skin ulcers.

Vacuotherapy and depressomassage are additional names for vacuum therapy. The procedure is sometimes used to imitate a standard breast lift in addition to allegedly providing results that are similar to those of a surgical butt lift.

Cellulite can also be treated with some types of suction therapy.

One such treatment is Endermologie, the first of its kind to receive FDA approval. In order to lessen the appearance of cellulite dimples, it works by lowering swelling in the affected area.

Endermologie doesn’t, however, produce the same lifting results as conventional vacuum therapy.


Does it help lift my buttocks?

Vacuum therapy’s primary benefit is the deep massage it provides. By reducing muscle tension and boosting lymphatic flow to eliminate toxins and water retention, the technique may be effective for buttock toning.

  • exfoliating the skin to make it look smoother and more toned; • stimulating the middle layers of skin to provide more noticeable toning results.
  • reducing the visibility of cellulite

You might notice that your skin is tighter and more toned after multiple weekly sessions of the procedure. This might provide the impression of a butt lift.

Research results

Vacuum therapy as a feasible alternative to a surgical butt lift has received very little scientific support. Even some specialists claim that the effects are at most minor and transient.

The surgery is occasionally suggested as a post-op to more invasive operations, such as liposuction.

Results are temporary.

Your skin will likely return to its previous state once you stop receiving vacuum therapy treatments.

Consider consulting your doctor about surgery if you’re seeking more long-lasting effects. If you’re a candidate for more invasive operations, they can help determine that.

There are several surgical procedures that can be used to treat cellulite, such as liposuction, butt implants, and fat transfers via the Brazilian butt lift.


How safe is vacuum therapy?

You should anticipate minimal to no adverse effects from vacuum therapy because it is a non-invasive procedure. After the surgery, though, you can experience a little discomfort and tightness.


What is the price of vacuum therapy?

Vacuum therapy prices will vary depending on your region, the provider, and the size of your treatment area. One practitioner bills $85 for an hour-long session. Remember that you’ll probably need several sessions to get the desired results. Furthermore, it is transient.

Vacuum therapy is seen as a cosmetic procedure rather than one driven by medical requirements. Therefore, insurance does not cover it. If you intend to have several sessions, ask your provider if there are any discounts or special offers.


How to locate a therapist

A board-certified professional should carry out all cosmetic operations. This covers minimally invasive procedures like vacuum therapy.

Ask about their degree, training, and experience with this treatment when researching potential providers.

During your procedure consultation, ask these questions. Ask the service provider to show you a sample of their previous work as well. Avoid any clinic that advertises vacuum therapy at a very low price but has no credentials to support it.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons is a good place to start your search.




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