Do you have a double chin that refuses to go away despite your best efforts?

Is there a non-surgical technique to get rid of a double chin?

Results from Kybella are comparable to those from liposuction but quicker and less invasive.

Average post-Kybella swelling lasts for about a month, peaking in the first several weeks.

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about what to anticipate each day of your Kybella recovery and how to prevent edema!

Read on to find out more. Everything is covered in this article.



✅ Kybella can be a great choice for you if you dislike double chin, want a more defined profile, and never want to take another “bull-frog” selfie again

✅ As long as you keep your weight in check, the fat cells that are removed during the Kybella surgery won’t grow back.

Patients noted that around the second week following the operation, the swelling from the procedure began to subside.

Kybella injections can take up to eight weeks to fully recover from, with definitive results appearing after roughly six months.


Overview of Kybella and How It Functions

Kybella causes a chemical reaction involving deoxycholic acid to permanently destroy fat cells, producing long-lasting benefits. Although Kybella will get rid of the fat, it won’t help tighten or contract loose skin; if that’s a problem, other procedures can handle it.

The FDA has approved Kybella® for use under the chin, and it can successfully get rid of a double chin. Most patients need two Kybella treatments to get the optimum results, but a few people have said they got the desired outcomes with just one session and two vials of Kybella.

Final results may not become apparent for up to six months, but several patients said that their double chin had improved eight weeks following the treatment.


What to Expect After Getting Kybella?

We get enthusiastic and shout, “Sign me up!” when we hear about procedures and all the wonderful things they can do for us, but we frequently forget to inquire about how long the recovery period would last.

For the appropriate individuals, the Kybella surgery will yield outstanding results, but patients have complained that the injections might hurt and that the stinging and burning at the injection site can continue for a few days. Additionally, for some patients, the edema brought on by the injections can be severe and linger for up to 4 weeks.

Although the treatment is very rapid and does not require general anesthesia, the recovery period may (in some situations) exceed what patients had anticipated. Your encounter will go a lot more smoothly if you comprehend the whole procedure from beginning to end.

Your recovery will go more smoothly if you know what to anticipate from the treatment and Kybella swelling on a day-by-day basis. Additionally, knowing how quickly you might anticipate recovering from Kybella injections week by week can help you set realistic expectations and make the necessary plans.

Kybella side effects can include soreness, tightness in the throat, redness, tightness of the skin, and numbness or tingling.


How Long Does Swelling From Kybella Last?

Because each patient is different, they will all react differently to the injections. The majority of individuals appear to experience swelling for around four weeks, with the first few weeks seeing the most notable edema.

Some patients reportedly chose to take two vials of Kybella at once rather than divide the medication into two doses. They did not want to undergo the healing procedure twice.

They might have needed a little more time to heal, and they might have swelled more. Remember to provide enough time for your recovery if you need to attend a significant function.


Recovery from Kybella Swelling Timeline

Actual Kybella patients’ experiences with the procedure and their recovery after receiving injections were used to gather information about the procedure’s recovery.

Day 1. Receiving the injections is not particularly painful, but because there are so many, you can experience some discomfort halfway through. You might also feel an odd numbing sensation that feels like Novocain spreading throughout the area while the injection sites sting and burn for the remainder of the day. Swelling can happen suddenly, and many people have said that it feels like a bullfrog. There can be small red marks where the injections were made.

Day 2. The swelling will probably be worse, and you might itch more and feel more numb in your neck. When the region is touched or extended, there can be pain present. A lot of patients also complained of pain when moving their neck and the sensation that it was “wobbly or dangling.” To prevent their necks from writhing, some patients use compression chin straps.

Day 3. The numbness is probably beginning to wear off in some areas, and you may notice some fresh bruises. Some people’s under-the-chin swelling has gotten worse, but the jawline swelling may be starting to go down. Moving or stretching your neck will probably still cause you some discomfort.

  • After the first three days, the majority of patient testimonies describe their progress in Kybella recovery week by week.
  • After 1 Week.
  • More bruising may start to show, and swelling may appear a little better in some places while a little worse in others. You might still feel some pain when you touch your neck.

After two weeks, swelling typically reaches its height. There shouldn’t be any fresh bruises visible, but there probably are still some that are. If you touch your skin, it could feel painful and tight. Where the injections were delivered, little lumps could develop.

After three weeks, part of the numbness should have subsided, however, some patients claimed that the area around the injection sites remained numb. You might still feel a little discomfort and lumps where the injections were made. The area where the injection was made should be beginning to tighten up again and feel less shaky.

After four weeks, the edema should be almost totally gone, but there may still be a few isolated sore spots. At this point, the lumps at the injection sites started to go away for many patients.

After five weeks, the area beneath your chin may still feel tight and slightly uncomfortable to the touch. By this point, the majority of patients can see a noticeable reduction in the width of their jaw.


When will Kybella’s swelling results improve?

Patients noted that around the second week following the operation, the swelling from the procedure began to subside. They believed that they had returned to their baseline by the four-week mark, and after that point, they began to notice the effects of the fat dissolving.

Kybella injections can take up to eight weeks to fully recover from, with definitive results appearing after roughly six months.


How Can Kybella Swelling Be Reduced?

After receiving a Kybella injection, swelling and bruising are totally natural; in fact, the swelling indicates that the injections are effective. Although everyone recovers at a different rate, there are several things you may do to hasten your own recovery:

  • Don’t touch or massage the area that has been treated.
  • Several times per day, apply an insulated ice pack to the affected area.
  • Alternate using warm compresses and ice.
  • Use over-the-counter pain relievers like Advil or Motrin to assist ease discomfort and reducing swelling.
  • For the first week, try to sleep with your head raised as much as you can.



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