Vitamin A, antioxidants, and Sulphur are all abundant in onion juice, which can help your hair in various ways.

It makes sense why it has become a well-liked hair cure on Internet forums and is being utilized in many commercial hair products.

No substance, however, is a miracle cure that will instantly improve the condition of your hair.

For it to have an impact, it must be applied correctly as part of a regular hair care routine.

For onion juice to be used properly, it must be applied in the recommended quantity (not too much), for the recommended time (not too long), and in the recommended number of repetitions (not too frequently).

Additionally, you need to be as careful when rinsing it out of your hair when you finish.

Unfortunately, many people overuse these cures to their own detriment because of the acclaim that comes with them. Onion juice follows the same rules.



For good reason, a lot of individuals are using onion juice to achieve longer, stronger, and more voluminous hair.

There are a tonne of expensive hair products on the market, but they rarely live up to their claims, however, a lot of them contain chemicals that might harm your hair over time.

Onion juice, on the other hand, offers a reasonably simple and inexpensive solution that is chemical-free.

Additionally, the onion juice benefits for hair have some scientific support, as shown by the fact that it is frequently used in hair cosmeceuticals. 

✅  The benefits of any cure should not be overstated, and the same holds true with onion juice.

✅ Only when used correctly and as part of a healthy hair care routine will this hair treatment be effective. 

✅ Due to the high sulfur concentration in onion juice, using it frequently or in big quantities can only worsen the condition of your hair and scalp.


Onion juice side effects on hair

Only when used appropriately, onion juice is beneficial for hair. The following side effects can make your hair and scalp issues worse when used in excess, often, or for extended periods of time:

Onion juice might cause baldness

Onion juice contains a high concentration of Sulphur, which can dry up your scalp by removing its natural lipids. The majority of the time, this occurs when it is applied frequently, liberally, or when it is not thoroughly washed off after usage. The outcome is irritating, itchy, and persistent scratching of the scalp.

Sharp nails rubbing against the delicate scalp skin can cause it to tear, which opens the door to infections. Your hair follicles may be irreversibly destroyed by scalp infections, resulting in permanent hair loss.

Onion juice could result in scalp eczema.

Sulfur, a key active component in hair growth, is present in onion juice. On the other hand, too much of it can deplete your scalp’s natural oil, causing it to become excessively dry, itchy, and inflamed.

If you take this therapy frequently or extensively, especially if your scalp is already dry, you could develop scalp eczema. This illness is characterized by recurrent episodes of both acute (dry, itchy, and scaly scalp) and chronic (scalp inflammation, redness, discharge, and discomfort).

Onion juice could sting your eyes.

Due to the noxious sulfuric fumes produced by onion juice, even a drop in your eyes can cause them to hurt, burn, and turn red.

You must be extremely cautious while applying it to your hair and scalp because of its fluid consistency to prevent dripping. The easiest way to seal it in is to put on a shower cap after application.

Onion juice, especially its fragrance, can be potent enough to cause your eyes to moisten if used in excess.

The smell of onion juice is really offensive.

The smell of onions is potent and pervasive and may cling to your hair and scalp long after shampooing. Excessive shampooing is counterproductive since it dehydrates your hair and scalp, negating all of the therapeutic effects.

You will have to endure the scent and wait for it to go away on its own instead.

Benefits of Onion Juice for Hair

The following ways onion juice might enhance the quality of your hair:

The scalp’s blood circulation is boosted by onion juice, which increases the number of nutrients and oxygen reaching the hair follicles. In turn, well-fed hair follicles will generate stronger, healthier hair more quickly.

Sulfur, a crucial mineral that aids in reactivating dormant hair follicles and extending the hair growth cycle, is abundant in onions. This helps your hair grow longer and more voluminously. Sulfur is also a crucial part of the protein known as keratin, which builds hair.

As a result, onion juice gives your hair more elasticity and strength so that it won’t break as quickly. Catalase, an antioxidant enzyme that aids in preserving the natural color of your hair, is found in onions.

A catalase deficit might cause hair to go grey before it should. The hair tends to weaken and become more likely to fall out of the follicle after it loses its color. By regularly feeding your hair follicles with catalase, onion juice can assist in preventing this issue.


Can You Let Onion Juice Stay in Your Hair Overnight?

Due to its high Sulphur content, onion juice is very potent and if used for extended periods of time, it might be too harsh on your hair and scalp. As was previously mentioned, Sulphur strengthens hair but, when applied for an extended period of time, it dries out the scalp.

This hair cure works best when applied for 15 to 30 minutes before being properly removed with moderate shampoo and tap water. It’s advisable to avoid using this cure if your scalp is already very dry or sensitive to prevent further inflammatory reactions.


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