A lip thread lift is another name for lip threading.

Small dissolvable threads are used in this nonsurgical procedure to reduce fine wrinkles around your mouth and increase collagen production.

Lip threading gives contour and shape, particularly to the cupid’s bow region of your top lip, as opposed to lip fillers that merely add volume to your lips.

People who prefer a natural appearance versus the pouty, inflated appearance that lip fillers offer are drawn to lip threading.



Lip threading is done to give your lips definition rather than fullness.

✅ It also aids in removing wrinkles and fine lines from the area around your mouth. 

✅ This nonsurgical surgery gives your cupid’s bow area some contouring. 

✅ If performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist with experience, lip threading is regarded as a safe technique.


The minimally invasive barbed suture thread lifts that may be performed on your jaw, jowls, and other parts of your face and body are different from this technique.

Furthermore, it is distinct from lip lift surgery, a minimally invasive treatment used to reduce the distance between the tip of your nose and the top of your lip.

Lip threading is regarded as safe when carried out by a board-certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist who is skilled in this noninvasive treatment.


The threading of the upper lip

It takes about 30 minutes to complete a lip thread lift: 15 minutes to numb the area and 15 minutes for the surgery itself. The process is carried out as follows:

  1. A tiny puncture hole will be made flush with your lip line at the corner of your mouth by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon.
  1. Your doctor will inject the thread using a cannula, or thin tube, which is already packaged with a thin thread. Another option is to prepackage the thread in a needle with a point, eliminating the need for any puncture holes at all.
  1. The threads used for this treatment can be “smooth” or “twisted,” and they range in size from dental floss to human hair.
  1. After being implanted, the cannula or needle is usually halted by gently moving toward your cupid’s bow.
  1. After that, your physician will perform the same surgery on the opposite side of your top lip.
  1. If there is any surplus thread after each thread has been inserted, it will be cut off with surgical scissors.
  1. Each thread’s tail end will then be inserted into the hole so that it is hidden.
  1. Your doctor might repeat this process on your lower lip by advancing the thread to the middle of it and then doing it on the other side.

More threads can be added if you want more height or volume.

This is accomplished by either creating repeated punctures using pointed-tip needles that have a thread already attached through the location of the initial puncture or by using a cannula that has already been threaded.

Whether you undergo this treatment once or multiple times over the course of a few months will depend on the aesthetic you want to achieve and the kind of thread utilized.


Advantages of lip threading

Compared to the pouty and plump result produced with fillers, lip threading offers a more natural appearance. This non-invasive process also encourages the development of collagen near your lips, which can delay the onset of wrinkles.


How safe is lip threading?

The skill of your provider will play a significant role in determining the safety of your lip thread lift, as it does with most cosmetic operations. You must therefore be sure to only consult a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon who has performed lip threading procedures before.

Your lips could look uneven if the operation isn’t done correctly. After the treatment is finished, you could also notice visible threads. Scarring could also happen.

The following are more frequent adverse effects of lip threading: momentary pulling or straining while speaking, eating, or smiling; small bruising or swelling; and a slight asymmetry brought on by swelling, which should go away in two weeks.

What is the duration of lip threading?

Lip threads disappear after three months on average, but the effects are comparable to those of fillers and persist longer. For roughly six to twelve months, you should continue to notice your upper lip becoming more defined and taller.

You may continue to experience reduced wrinkling around your lips for a longer amount of time since your body’s response to the threads will encourage collagen formation.


What is the price of lip threading?

How many threads are used and where you reside to have a big impact on how much lip threading will cost. In general, one to three lip threading appointments should cost you between $500 and $1,500.


How can I locate a provider?

Only a licensed physician, such as a dermatologist or board-certified plastic surgeon, should thread lips.

Always make an appointment for a consultation before the treatment so that you can ask any questions you may have and decide if the doctor is a suitable fit for you.

You might want to know the following:

  • Am I a good candidate for a lip thread lift?
  • How frequently have you performed this action?
  • Do you hold any board certifications?
  • Are you a licensed practitioner?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of lip thread lifting?
  • Do you suggest an additional or different method based on the desired outcome?
  • How much suffering should I anticipate?
  • What negative effects should I anticipate, and how long will they last?
  • What will the price be?

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons or the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery can help you locate a specialist in your area.


Substitutes for lip threading

Instead of lip threading, you might select one of the several lip augmentation procedures that are currently accessible. When determining which treatment to receive, you should consider its consequences as well as the outcomes you hope to attain.

Lip threading is typically utilized to define and heighten your lip line. To increase varied amounts volume, fillers and other alternative therapies are frequently used.


Botox injections are typically used to reduce lines and wrinkles near your lips. Additionally, they can make your lips appear plumper or elevate the corners of your mouth.

Skin fillers

You can fill your lips with a variety of dermal fillers. Restylane and Juvederm are two of them. Lip threading lasts about as long as fillers, if not longer. If you want larger lips, they provide you with the choice to do that.

Your lips will appear fuller or less full depending on the filler you apply.

Fillers have the advantage of being easily removed if you don’t like how they make you look by being broken down by an enzyme.

For a larger lip and a more defined lip line, some patients decide to combine threading with fillers.

Lip coloring

Additionally called lip pigmentation and lip flushing, this process. In it, color is applied directly to your lips using a tiny needle. It is regarded as a type of semi-permanent cosmetics.

Lip coloring is a cosmetic tattoo that can enhance your lip’s contour and give the appearance of fullness.

lip lift operation

If lip threading, fillers, and other cosmetic procedures don’t give you the desired result, a lip lift surgery may be more to your taste. Under local anesthetic, this permanent surgery is carried out. Narrowing the distance between your upper lip and nose gives the appearance that your lips are larger.


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