There are a number of reasons why masturbation might lead to cramps and pain.

Some of these aren’t anything to worry about at all but others would need medical attention.



✅ You may have cramps or discomfort after masturbating for a variety of reasons.

✅ It’s generally nothing to worry about unless it’s extremely painful or occurs frequently.

✅  If it interferes with your daily life or your ability to enjoy masturbation, seek advice from a doctor.


Could they be confused with having an orgasm?

Cramping and soreness in the pelvis, abdomen, back, and rectum can result from several kinds of orgasms. The muscles in the pelvic floor rapidly contract during orgasms and may cramp. Pain in the pelvis and lower abdomen could result from this. The ache may even radiate to your lower back.

Some people report having severe cramping in and around the bottom region of the rectum or anal canal during anal orgasms. For your information, proctalgia fugax is the medical word for rectum pain.

The Vulva

For a number of reasons, people with vulvas may experience cramping after masturbating.

Your uterus’ location

If your solo fun involves penetration, having a tilted uterus—specifically one that leans more to the back than the front—increases your chance of contact. When you enter fingers or toys into the vagina, contact with the cervix is more likely due to the angle. You might experience soreness and cramping in the lower back, pelvis, lower abdomen, and vagina as a result of this.


When is your menstrual cycle?

Periods and cramps go together about as often as peanut butter and jelly, especially during specific times of your cycle. Masturbation is a fantastic approach to ease cramps that occur when playing. However, during an orgasm, pressure on the cervix or uterine contractions could aggravate them, making them worse after the fact.


Your ovary releases an egg that goes down your fallopian tube two weeks before your period to prepare for a prospective pregnancy. That is ovulation. Not everyone experiences pain during ovulation, but some women do. You might also experience an increase in vaginal discharge or a change in the consistency of the discharge to something slimier and stickier, much akin to egg whites, during this time.

Either just before or during menstruation

The first few days after bleeding begins and the days preceding the onset of a period are often the most painful for most people who have periods. Additionally, you can have bloating, irritability, and general uncleanliness at this time.

Your method of birth control

IUDs can reduce period cramps in the long run, but they may make them worse as your uterus adjusts to its new little companion. After IUD installation, the cramping may persist for a few days or several months. The lowest part of your abdomen, the back, or both may cramp up. Period irregularities and spotting between periods are other potential side effects.


A fundamental issue

If masturbating frequently causes cramping or discomfort, then there is more than likely an underlying issue that may be the cause.

Fibroids or cysts

There are times when uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts go unnoticed. But depending on their size and location, they might. Cramping can happen before, during, and after sex when this happens, even when a person is alone.

Other symptoms associated with cysts and fibroids include painful and heavy periods, irregular menstruation, leg and back pain, and pressure in the pelvis.


Endometriosis occurs when the uterine lining’s endometrial tissue spreads outside the uterus. Severe cramping is typical of endometriosis when you have an orgasm or take a sex toy to V town. Along with these symptoms, you can also endure painful menstrual cramps, lengthy periods, and gastrointestinal problems.

Other widespread causes

There are a few additional typical causes for cramps or discomfort following masturbation. Let’s dissect them.

What are you using for masturbation?

A longer or wider sex object could place too much pressure on the prostate or cervix if you go all out with it. Painful cramps could result from this. The same is true with curved sex objects designed to stimulate the P-spot and G-spot, particularly if you approach them from an odd angle.

How intense or rough is the masturbation

Harsh or deep masturbation can hurt a lot. But the aftereffects of that ardent self-loving could include cramping and discomfort. Going in deep and forcefully may irritate or put too much pressure on the prostate or cervix, resulting in momentary pain and perhaps some bleeding.

How firmly your pelvic floor is

Any type of intercourse can be painful due to tight pelvic floor muscles. Numerous factors, including trauma, anxiety, stress, and reproductive issues, can cause these muscles to stiffen up.

You may experience additional symptoms including constipation, difficulty holding pee, and pelvic pain since your pelvic floor serves as a hammock for the bladder, uterus, rectum, and other pelvic organs.

Stress, worry, or other mental health issues that need to be addressed

A number of factors, including anxiety, stress, and other mental health issues, can make masturbation uncomfortable.

They may interfere with the lubrication process and tighten the muscles in and around the rectum, the belly, and the vagina, which can hurt both during and after a solitary session. You might also experience insomnia if you’re struggling with stress or another mental health condition, as well as irritation, melancholy, and sobbing.

A persistent infection

Additionally, sexually transmitted or non-sexually transmitted infections may result in cramping and discomfort that are aggravated or brought on by masturbation.

Candida infection

Yeast infections can affect the anus in the Vigina. The vaginal area or the anus is more prone to experience severe itching and redness as a result of this fungus infection. However, it can also result in cramps in the abdomen and make masturbation somewhat uncomfortable.

You may also experience a burning feeling when you urinate and a thick, white discharge that smells like yeast.

UTI – Infection of the urinary tract

Cramping and other back and pelvic pain brought on by a urinary tract infection (UTI) may get worse after you masturbate. Cloudy urine and the sensation that you need to urinate again after emptying your bladder can potentially be signs of a UTI.

Pelvic inflammatory illness or a sexually transmitted infection

Sexually transmitted infections like gonorrhea and chlamydia, which are sexually transmitted, can cause cramping and pain during or after masturbation. PID, or pelvic inflammatory disease, is another condition that STIs can lead to in those with vaginas. Lower abdominal pain can be brought on by PID.

STIs and PID may also result in additional symptoms, such as blisters, lumps, or rashes on the genitalia or the area around the anus, an unusual discharge from the vagina, or anus, burning and itching in the genitalia or anal area.

What could be a fundamental issue?

When you masturbate, you could occasionally experience cramping or discomfort due to an underlying condition.


The medical word for a painful orgasm is dysorgasmia. All orgasms, including vulvar, and anal orgasms, may be affected by it. Painful orgasms can be brought on by physical, mental, emotional, and psychological causes.

The degree of pain brought on by dysorgasmia varies. It may feature a sharp, stabbing pain at the peak of the climax or a dull, aching pain that appears after an orgasm.


Hernias Depending on the type of hernia, discomfort during or following masturbation may be felt in the belly, pelvis, or groin. When an organ pulls through a tear in the muscle or tissue holding it in place, a hernia develops.

Masturbation, particularly while standing or hunched over, can aggravate a hernia if it causes straining or tensing of the area. You might also feel a bulge in your groin or abdomen when standing or straining, depending on the type of hernia.


When should I go and visit my doctor?

As long as it is not too severe, occasional discomfort is usually not a big deal. However, anything more enduring or severe justifies a trip to the clinic.

Consult a medical expert if you have any of the following symptoms: persistent or severe pain; bleeding from the vaginal area; the danger of an STI due to unprotected sex; suspicion of pregnancy; other physical or mental problems


Is there anything you can do to get some relief in the interim?

Tes there is. Try these out:

  • Modify your posture or technique while masturbating.
  • Try a toy that is more flexible or smaller.
  • To ease pelvic, back, or abdominal cramps, use a heating pad or take a hot bath during of afterward
  • If the discomfort continues, take an over-the-counter (OTC) painkiller.

What can you do to lessen any pain you might experience after masturbating?

You might be able to prevent post-masturbation pains by carrying out the following actions:

  • Before placing anything into your vagina or butt, take some time to unwind and get in the mood.
  • Lubrication can aid to lessen friction and facilitate insertive play.
  • Remain in positions and playthings that don’t delve too far.
  • Before a solo session, take an OTC pain medication.
  • If you think your symptoms may be caused by past trauma or a mental health condition, consider seeking counseling.

In conclusion

You may have cramps or discomfort after masturbating for a variety of causes. It’s generally nothing to worry about unless it’s extremely painful or occurs frequently.

But if it interferes with your daily life or your ability to enjoy masturbation, get competent medical aid.











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